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Implementation Assistance


In this fast paced, constantly changing, squeeze out every dime, find the hidden profits, era of retailing, it becomes tougher and tougher to justify big spending on big new projects to increase profits by improving efficiency. You’ve heard it before. You’ve thought of it yourself:

Optimizing your ERP or Store Systems Software is a clear cut cost effective solution to increased efficiency and profits.

Most Professional Services firms talk a good game and then pull the old “bait and switch” - selling you top quality professional expertise of the executive team, then sending new, inexperienced consultants to do the work. We don’t play that game. The team you meet for your project is the team that will do the work. And what a team it is!

Our senior team has over 30 years experience in large scale ERP and Store Systems implementations and a successful client “go live” list of over 30 clients. Our group will make sure your project is always on the front burner. In short, we help you work smarter.

Our methodology incorporates four distinct phases, but it is really a simple, one sentence commitment: “We strive to ensure that every step in our implementation offers the best chance for a successful implementation and a happy client.” Refreshing? We think this is the common sense approach to project work that has been missing from the bigger firms for some time.