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Package Selection


Two important factors need to come together in order to successfully choose a package solution for your business; understanding and alignment of your business strategies and your technology strategies.

In order to understand these two important areas, Tango focuses on building a Technology Requirements Definition and a Business Requirements Definition. Working with you, we define your unique requirements that are essential and competitively advantageous to running your business.

Selecting a new system to perform vital business functions within your organization may seem like a complex and overwhelming issue.

Have you documented your requirements carefully?
Have you talked with your entire user group to build a solid foundation of business requirements?
Who are the best players in the marketplace?
Who is the “up and comer”?
Who is the “has been”?
Who is the “never was”?

BUT, why spend days and days documenting requirements that are so standard every system surely provides for them? Why ask a Financial systems solutions provider to document how they handle GL Account setup? Why spend the time AND MONEY to document your requirements for Store to Store transfers when they are completely industry standard? At Tango, we are convinced that this kind of work doesn’t have to be painful, costly and low value. We think it can be streamlined and focused on your business.